Project Geekhouse
Est. 2002
GKHS Gallery People


The Geekhouse project was me (Aquarion), ccooke and LoneCat living in a small terraced house in Cambridge. It lasted from Monday 17th June 2002 to Monday 31st April 2003, afterwhich Aquarion & LoneCat moved to Reading and ccooke moved to London, all following the threads of possible employment.

This domain is where we put our computers. Aquarion got "water.gkhs,net", LoneCat got "" and ccooke got "", and we remain with those subdomains to this day. (We also use [fire|pyro] for firewall/external sites and spirit for things that join the other domains together, like routers.

The website (this one) was mostly a static system containing a few things like recipies until 2004, when it morphed into the worlds first public-access AqWiki install. May 2005 I ditched that, as it was overrun by spammers. The Gallery is still online, and various installs that we share remain dotted around the domain.

Aquarion - 2005-05-26